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Kent Rehearsal Studio

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Rehearsal Prices                                           Record Your Rehearsal

Peak Times (Evenings and Weekends)

3 Hours     £40

4 Hours     £45


Off Peak (Mon - Fri 10am - 6pm)

£10 Per Hour (minimum 2 hours)

Record your rehearsal session for £79 (excl. rehearsal cost).

We will mic up the drum kit, guitar amps and vocals and record

your rehearsal (up to 6 tracks). We will  give it a quick mix and have it ready for you to take home. Perfect for a quick demo.

We have devised a number of procedures in order to safeguard yourselves and our staff. Please take your time to familiarise yourself with them before visiting the studios.


Key Points To Remember When Visiting Ebbsfleet Studios


If you or someone you have been in close contact with is showing any Covid-19 symptoms, we kindly ask that you stay at home.

Anyone showing Covid-19 symptoms will be asked to leave immediately.

Please only 'Load in' and 'Load out' at your allocated time.

Please regularly sanitise your hands and wear a face covering in ALL communal areas.

Please stick to the government issued guidelines at all times and maintain the '2 Metre' or '1 Metre Plus'  social distancing rules.

Please bring your own Microphones, Amplifiers and Drum Hardware. Please let us know if this is not possible.

Singers please use (and always stand behind) the Perspex Vocal Screen when you are singing*

No Brass or Woodwind Instruments are currently allowed.


             *For Covid-19 reasons, please notify us if your band has more than 1 vocalist.


More Information About Our Procedures


We ask that the person responsible for booking the rehearsal room consults with the other band members to check that each  

            individual has been symptom free of Covid-19 for 14 days prior to the rehearsal date.


Anyone displaying symptoms such as a persistent cough or a visible temperature will be asked to leave immediately. We ask

            customers to please inform us if any symptoms are present before they arrive at the studios.


Ebbsfleet Studios is assisting 'Test and Trace' by keeping a temporary record of all attendees  to the building for 21 days, and will assist  NHS 'Test and Trace' with requests for the data if required.


Please only 'Load-in and Load-out' at your allocated time. We will be staggering rehearsal sessions so that only one band will be loading in or out at any one time. Please make sure the reception and corridor area is clear of other visitors before moving any equipment through the building.


Please bring your own Face Mask or Face Covering. We advise the wearing of Face Masks and gloves in ALL communal areas.

            A face covering must be worn when entering the buidling and whilst in the reception space, corridor and toilet area.


All persons entering Ebbsfleet Studios must sanitise their hands using the sanitising stations. Please continue to wash your

             hands as regularly as possible and remember to visit a sanitising station before entering and after leaving your rehearsal studio.


Please stick to the government issued guidelines at all times and maintain the '2 metre' or '1 metre plus' social distancing rules when in the building.


We have installed signage to advise and remind visitors to social distance and to wash their hands.


We request that customers remain in their studio for the duration of their session (as much as possible). Our rehearsal rooms are  

             fully ventilated.


Please maintain 2m distancing within the rooms where possible or face masks should be worn in compliance with recommendations. Strict '1 Metre plus' social distancing is otherwise required in conjuction with the wearing of a face mask.


A maximum of 5 people allowed per rehearsal room when maintaining '1 Metre Plus' social distance. Customers must not exceed the stated room  capacity.


Please bring your own microphones, drum hardware and amplifiers.


We will clean and disinfect all contact surfaces in the rehearsal rooms between bookings.


The provision of hand sanitiser, hand soap and paper towels will be provided in multiple areas.


There will be regular cleaning and disinfecting of all communal areas.


We also recommend that customers bring their own hand sanitiser and use this regularly as well as wiping down contact surfaces in the rooms to increase the safety for themselves and others.


We are continually reviewing our procedures and practices. Please check our website regularly for the latest information regarding your studio hire and the use of our facilities.

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T: 01322 427232


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